Comprehensive Wealth Management

Financial Planning

Creating a financial plan is the cornerstone to creating your roadmap for the future. We can assist you in managing your assets, liabilities, cash flow and taxes. We would like to work with you to optimize your net worth.

Retirement Planning

We strive to optimize your assets during retirement by coordinating investments, cash flow, and tax efficiency. Our strategy is to synchronize the use of before-tax and after-tax dollars to minimize taxes and maximize cash flow during retirement.

Asset Management

We offer investment advisory services designed to build wealth. Each portfolio will be developed and maintained keeping in mind each client's risk tolerance and financial goals. Most of our clients' portfolios are made up of high-quality, individual stocks and bonds. Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are added as needed to create portfolio diversification.

Our Fees

  • .6% on account values over $500,000
  • .8% on account values under $500,000
*All fees will be disclosed and mutually agreed upon before any work is completed. All fees are negotiable. Please see our Form ADV, found at the footer of this website, for more detailed information.

Estate Planning

Estate tax rates are very high. Planning can be both complicated and emotional. Understanding tax savings is essential to a good estate plan. Proper titling of assets can safeguard them.

Trust Investment Advisory Services

Trust tax rates can be extremely high. It is of utmost importantance to structure portfolios within your trust to optimize performance and to minimize taxes.

Tax Planning and Tax preparation

Preparing your tax returns provides us with a clearer picture of your financial behavior.  It also provides us with an opportunity to offer suggestions for tax efficiencies. 

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