Our Process

Initial Meeting

Our first meeting is used to introduce you to our firm. We will outline our services and fee structure. Prospective customers usually have plenty of questions. Feel free to ask as many questions as you would like. You will also receive our Form ADV Part 2 disclosure which provides additional information about us.

Before the meeting even begins, we will ask that you send us any information that you would like us to look at. This includes: investment statements, employee benefit packages, tax returns, insurance contracts, trust documents, and budgets, as well as mortgages and other debt instruments. We will review all of your documents in advance of our meeting.  From our study, we will develop a meeting agenda and a list of questions.

During our meeting, we will ask questions with the intention of getting to know you and to understand your risk tolerance, goals, and expectations of us.  By the end of our meeting, it is our hope that we both recognize the value in working together.


A typical plan includes coordinating an investment strategy with tax planning and cash flow. The plan may address other needs such as estate planning, insurance planning and debt management. We may need to contact you on several occasions to get a better understanding of the information provided to us.

A presentation meeting is the next step in the process. This gives us the opportunity to present our plan and to educate you on the thinking behind our recommendations.

Once we mutually agree on a strategy, we can use the plan as a roadmap for the future.


Implementation may include opening new investment accounts, transferring your investment accounts and, perhaps, consolidating some accounts. This process may take up to two weeks. The set-up of your accounts also includes providing you with the ability to view them on-line. Once the accounts are set-up, investment changes will be made with your approval.


Monitoring involves viewing your investments on a regular basis. Reading company research, listening to corporate conference calls and keeping abreast of financial news are frequent activities. We also review your individual asset allocation on a regular basis. Tax Planning is a big part of the ongoing process. Coordinating investments with your taxes is a cornerstone to our approach.

Communicating and working together is essential. We are here for you. Please call us with any financial questions you have and with any changes in your goals or financial needs.

We encourage meeting with you at least once a year. This contact allows us to update your financial position and your ongoing plan. It also helps us measure and evaluate progress towards achieving your goals.

Complimentary Review