Patrick M Sweeney & Associates, Inc.


Patrick M Sweeney & Associates, Inc. was formed in 2001 to service clients looking to better navigate their financial paths.  Our approach is to offer straightforward advice and a simplified financial plan.  The success of our firm has predominately been built on referrals.  We are grateful for the trust clients have exhibited in us over the years.

Each individual or family starts with a financial plan which is used as a roadmap to create and manage wealth.  Our goal is to have successful clients.  We will not sell you any products generating commission income.  

Here's what to expect:
  1. A high degree of service
  2. Low advisory fees
  3. A fiduciary working for you
  4. A well trained financial counselor at your disposal
  5. A client specific writted plan
  6. Long-Term investment solutions
  7. A straightforward, tax efficient diversified portfolio
  8. Tax planning services
  9. Tax preparation services

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